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From: Costas Elvito & Sacha Sinclair,
Your Personal Guides in the Dating Game

Subject: Making Your Life Easy

At last count there were 1100+ books, guides, manuals, CDs, DVDs, tapes, videos and other material floating around online and in bookstores around the world. All with the same claim; that they were the "greatest" pick-up guide available to man.

But obviously they can't ALL be the best... So where on earth do you begin??

I mean we both know you know you want to improve your success with women. You want to be able to walk up to any girl and start an interesting conversation with her, then know exactly how to lead things all the way back to your bedroom.

But we also both know that unless you were born a natural ladies man (about 0.01% of guys out there...), you're never going to be able to do this unless you LEARN how to.

Now, you could waste days, weeks, months (probably even years) going through all those 1100+ titles available, figuring out for yourself which ones work and which are just half-baked scams designed to drain the wallets of desperate little men.

OR, you could let someone else that's BEEN THERE BEFORE do it for you.

And that's where we come in.

Our team has scoured the globe and found the ABSOLUTE KILLER books, manuals, videos and guides on attracting, seducing and dating beautiful girls.

We've separated the real stuff from the garbage so you don't have to waste your time, money or patience. And, we've brought them together in one, simple place.

This website started out years ago as a collection of our reviews as we went through the same journey you're about to start. Since then it's grown to become the #1 site for seduction & dating advice reviews.

You won't find over-hyped sales pitches for our brother-in-law's new pick-up book. Nor will you see any flashing banner ads promoting the latest and greatest video about getting women into your bed. All you'll find here is:

Simple. Honest. Impartial. Seduction & Dating Advice Reviews.

So enjoy your journey, knowing that EVERYTHING contained within this site has been thoroughly reviewed and is absolutely guaranteed to improve your success with women (in fact, you probably should go ahead and bookmark this page right now).

Costas Elvito & Sacha Sinclair,
Your Personal Guides in the Dating Game

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